Florida's Personnel Development Supporting Exceptional Student Education


Highly Qualified Teachers


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) places a major emphasis on highly qualified teachers.  This federal law establishes requirements for determining if a teacher meets the criteria for being reported as “highly qualified” under NCLB.

Teacher and StudentIt is important to note that current Florida Statutes and State Board of Education Rules relating to the classification of teachers reported for Florida purposes as “in-field,” “qualified,” or “out-of-field” are not the same as federal highly qualified designation requirements.  Thus, a teacher may be considered “in-field” pursuant to the requirements of the Florida Course Code Directory, but will not be classified as a highly qualified teacher in the NCLB reporting.

All K-12 exceptional student education (ESE) teachers teaching core academic subjects must meet the highly qualified teacher (HQT) requirements for the appropriate core academic subject areas. Endorsements may be required for ESE teachers providing instruction to specific categories of ESE students (see the Florida Course Code Directory - Section 1 - Narrative).

For specific questions about highly qualified requirements or certification in Florida as it relates to your current teaching assignments, contact your personnel department at your local school district office. District contact information is available on the Florida Department of Education website.